The purchase of any tokens involves a high degree of risk, including but not limited to the risks described below. Before purchasing DCEN Tokens, it is recommended that each participant carefully weighs all the information and risks detailed on this website, and, specifically, the following risk factors.

A. Value of DCEN Token.

Once purchased, the value of DCEN Token may significantly fluctuate as a result of numerous external factors beyond D-Centrals’ control. D-Central does not guarantee any specific value against the DCEN Token over any specific period of time. D-Central shall not be held responsible for any change in the value of the DCEN Token. Assumptions with respect to the foregoing involve, among other things, judgments about the future economic, competitive and market conditions and business decisions, most of which are beyond the control of the D-Central team and therefore difficult or impossible to accurately predict. Although the D-Central team believes that its assumptions underlying its forward-looking statements are reasonable, any of these may prove to be inaccurate. As a result, the D-Central team can offer no assurances that the forward-looking statements contained in this Website will prove to be accurate. In light of the significant uncertainties inherent in the forward-looking statements contained herein, the inclusion of such information may not be interpreted as a warranty on the part of D-Central or any other entity that the objectives and plans of the D-Central funds will be successfully achieved.

B. Force Majeure.

D-Central performance may be interrupted, suspended or delayed due to force majeure. For the purposes of this Website, force majeure shall mean extraordinary events and circumstances which could not be prevented or reasonably foreseen by D-Central and shall include: acts of nature, wars, armed conflicts, mass civil disorders, industrial actions, epidemics, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage or other failures of energy supplies or communication service, acts of municipal, state or federal governmental agencies, and any other circumstances beyond D-Central control. If such circumstances occur prior to the issuance of DCEN Tokens and D-Central is unable to issue DCEN Tokens within 3 months from the projected date, the escrow agent may issue a refund at the request of the DCEN Token purchasers. The refund will be issued in the original form of payment to the same digital wallet or bank account where the funds were transferred from.

C. Taxes.

Token holders may be required to pay taxes associated with the transactions involving DCEN Tokens. It will be a sole responsibility of the token holders to comply with the tax laws of the relevant jurisdictions and pay all required taxes.

D. Regulatory risks

The Blockchain technology, including but not limited to the issue of tokens, may be a new concept in some jurisdictions, which may then apply existing regulations or introduce new regulations regarding Blockchain technology-based applications, and such regulations may conflict with the current DCEN terms and conditions and DCEN Token concept. This may result in substantial modifications of the DCEN terms and conditions, including but not limited to its termination and the loss of DCEN Tokens as well as a suspension or termination of all DCEN Token functions.

F. Dependence on computer infrastructure

D-Central and the DCEN tokens dependence on functioning software applications, computer hardware and the Internet implies that D-Central can offer no assurances that a system failure would not adversely affect the use of your DCEN Tokens. Despite D-Central’s implementation of all reasonable network security measures, its processing centre servers are as vulnerable to computer viruses, physical or electronic break-ins or other disruptions of a similar nature as any other system. Computer viruses, break-ins or other disruptions caused by third parties may result in interruption, delay or suspension of services, which would limit the use of the DCEN Tokens.

G. Disclosure of information.

Personal information received from DCEN token holders, the information about the number of tokens owned, the wallet addresses used, and any other relevant information may be disclosed to law enforcement, government officials, and other third parties when D-Central is required to disclose such information by law, subpoena, or court order. D-Central shall at no time be held responsible for such information disclosure.

Please note that the D-Central project DCEN Token may be subject to other risks not foreseen by its team at this time.