The purpose of this website is to present D-Central Capital and the DCEN Token to potential token holders prior to the Pre-Sale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The information within this Website is for informational purposes only and is not portrayed as exhaustive. As this Website is taken as a snapshot in time it is also likely to be superseded by further information relating to the offering such as the Definitive Offering Document. Potential participants in the Fund should review the latest Offering Document before entering into the ICO or Pre-Sale.

All information contained within this Website is confidential and should only be used by potential participants in the fund, their Employees, Directors and Officers for the purpose of evaluating D-Central Capital and the Pre-Sale/ ICO. Any divulgence of this information to further parties beyond the purpose of evaluating D-Central and The Fund is strictly prohibited.

Further, any reproduction of this information, in whole or in part, is prohibited.

This Website is NOT an invitation to invest nor is it an invitation to partake in any particular trading strategy. Further, there is no solicitation to buy or sell any securities or further goods and services as part of this Website. At no point has this document been constructed in view of, or compliance with, any particular jurisdictions laws or regulations in relation to investor protection. It is simply an outline of the D-Central fund, its constituent members and its approach to fund management and start-up support.

D-Central Capital have not been, and are not in the process of being, registered under the United States Investment Fund Act of 1940. As a result of this, the tokens issued within the ICO and Pre-sale may not (With the exception of approved accredited, non-retail, investors who have been directly approached under rule 506 (C) of Regulation D of the United States Securities Act of 1933) be transferred, assigned, delivered, sold or offered, even indirectly, to persons whom might result in D-Central Capital or its Funds being subject to tax liabilities or further disadvantage.

Any decision to partake in the D-Central fund should only be taken after having fully reviewed and understood the Definitive Offering Document in respect of any individual participant’s jurisdictions laws and regulations. Further, any participation should be undertaken with a comprehensive appreciation of the Jurisdictions, and one owns, legal, accounting and taxation parameters and be undertaken independently and by one’s own determination.

Participants within the ICO and Pre-Sale, as well as those whom later purchase or exchange tokens within the fund, adopt no rights in any form other than those specifically outlined within this Website or the Definitive Offering Document. This includes, but is not limited to, financial, legal, intellectual, ownership, distribution redemption or liquidation.

This website contains financial and technological information which is subject to change. As a result, certain statements, predictions, estimates and models should be taken on informational grounds only with a view to the significant uncertainty which exists in the marketplace. No predictions to future performance should be inferred from the contents of this Website.

All performance and target information, alongside any models presented are for information purposes only and subject to change without prior notice. Any models presented within this Website provide no assurance of future performance or return. Historical returns are not predictive of future results. The fund is intended to be a specialist vehicle for investment in the early stage Technology, Bio-Technology, BlockChain and Ethical sectors. Investments in early stage sectors and technologies carry greater risks and may be considered high risk and volatile. There is a risk of total loss of the principal interest invested – please refer to the Definitive Offering Document for a full list of risks.

This website is to be translated into a number of different languages as D-Central Capital widens its scope into further jurisdictions. In doing so, written or verbal communications are liable to corruption or misrepresentation. As a result of this the English Paper version of this document will act as the sole source and its content will prevail in circumstance requiring clarification or dispute resolution.